Monday, 9 August 2010

Blog Guestbook

I probably should have done this a few months ago, when I first started this blog. This blog is generally dedicated to (Daw) Kyi Aye, who is one of Burma's most influential writers. Here, I created this just to post scans for Kyi Aye's books.

This is the guest-book for Kyi Aye's fan blog. I'd love to know who you are. So, if you feel like it, drop a comment - tell me where you are, what brought you here, your favorite of Kyi Aye's works, whatever you like. I'm curious to know who is out there on the other side of the computer screen.

I sincerely hope you all enjoy this blog, and Kyi Aye's works.

Thanks you,
Aung Phyoe


  1. I m ma htet ,in singapore;
    i like kyi aye's style of writing and thoughts;
    thks for scans;
    btw, hv u contact with her?
    i also like to know her recent thinkings.

  2. Good job and congrats for your hard work.

    Dr. KKK

  3. constant follower for (Daw) Kyi Aye's work on your page! Thanks for all your efforts.


  4. Thanks, Ko Aung Phyoe. I was wondering who did it.
    San San Tin

  5. I guess I don't need to introduce myself as we knew already thru fb. ;)

  6. Regular reader of your blog to enjoy (Daw) Kyi Aye's literature.
    Thank you very much for your great job.
    Visit from Bhutan...
    Nay Nay

  7. We already know each other. I've visited this blog a few times only due to too much work. I'm glad you scanned her work for others to enjoy. I told my Mum about it already some time ago, and she's always happy that the young generation continues to read her. I however, sometimes feel her work is racked with so much pain, it's almost too much. Seems she completely gave herself to her art and her audience. Quite courageous, if only I could paint like she wrote! Of course, I'm biased. MK

  8. I m so happy n appreciate to read all this ...i hv been Kyi Aye crazy since i was young.thank u so much for this blog..

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  10. Respect to my parents' favourite literature

    Best regards


  11. I'm from Mdy and I love Kyi Aye's style of writings and her psychoanalysis of her characters. I followed the link from Kyi Aye's fb page and found this little paradise. I really appreciate your work on this. Once again, thank you. :)

  12. My favourite one would be ကၽြန္မပညာသည္..

  13. I'm ying sam,from yangon.I forgot what brought me here..,kinda some sharing from facebook,i favourtie book is ကၽြန္မပညာသည္. Thank u ^_^

  14. I like Daw Kyi Aye writing very much, great Burmese literature , precious , thank you for sharing , with Metta. Venture to here from Facebook. EM

  15. I am Ei Pont from Yangon. I have been thanking you for this blog as she is my beloved idol. What brought me here? When I was away from easy access to Burmese books, I tried to google "Kyi Aye" with the expectation to find something I don't know about her and I found this blog.

    My favorite work of her was "ေမတၱာမီးအိမ္ (The lantern of Metta)",
    but it's now "တမ္းတတတ္သည္".
    Thanks again, Ko Aung Phyoe!